X200pH addon for IPX800*

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Add a pH and an ORP phrobe to your IPX800*. Display your pool's pH in your IPX800*.


X200pH for IPX800*


  1. Connect the X200pH addon to the IPX800's* addon bus or to an X8R
  2. Select the addon channel by pressing on the SEL button (see manual)
  3. Connect your phrobes
  4. Do a first calivration of your X200pH to obtain a reliable measuremnt (see manual)
  5. Display your swimming pool's pH

NB: A pH probe is very sensitive to disturbances in the environnment in which it's placed. Don't hesitate to re-calibrate your X200pH regulary in order to always obtain precise measurements.

Technical features:

  • Used to connect a pH and a Redox probe.
  • The X200pH can be combined with X8R, X400 Analog and00-CT addons.
  • 2 phrobe inputs on BNC connector.
  • BUS output for combination with other addons.
  • Simple installation, self-powwered with the IPX800* bus.

Firmware 3.05.57 is required for the X200pH addon to be recognized

X200pH is delivered without phrobe

* To communicate with an IPX800 V4, an X-Bridge in necessary

2 years warranty

Made in France


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x200pH mode d'emploi

Mode d'emploi

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