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The X-DISPLAY is a multifunction control screen. It allows control lighting, heating, shutters etc ... and has several modes allowing a large number of actions from a single point.

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Multifonction control screen X-DISPLAY for IPX800 V4

The X-DISPLAY requires 2 shielded pairs for connection to the IPX800 V4.
 It is possible to install 6 X-Display on an IPX800 V4.
It has several modes allowing a large number of actions from a single point.

  1. Switch mode
  2. Heating mode
  3. Roller shutter mode
  4. Sleep mode
  5. Temperature indicator
  6. Humidity indicator
  7. Lighting indicator
  8. Alarm mode
  9. Display time and date of the day.

It is possible to accumulate from 1 to 32 screens of control by X-Display.

Easy installation

  1. Connect the X-Display to the EBX BUS of the IPX800 V4
  2. Power the module with12Vdc.
  3. Enter the unique number identifier of the X-DISPLAY in the IPX800 v4.  ( version > 4.00.34)
  4. The X-DISPLAY is automatically recognized and operational.
  5. Check the calibration of the 3 touch buttons.
  6. Configure the control screens.

Technical informations

    • Power 12 Vdc
    • Extension bus EBX (Paire + et -) connect to IPX800 V4
    • Power consumption 0.5W
    • 32 differents screens.
    • Automatic power off (1 to 60mn)
    • White or black color.

2 years warranty

Made in France

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