Convertisseur série  USB-X001 (USB vers TTL)
  • Convertisseur série  USB-X001 (USB vers TTL)

usb serial to ttl converter

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USB / TTL serial converter.

Dispo immédiate

Supports 3.3V and 5V logic levels

Self-powered by the USB port

Allows you to easily add a USB port to a microcontroller (Pic, Atmel etc ...)

Connects to devices with TTL serial COM port via a virtual COM port created by the FTDI driver.

Simple connection: TX, Mass, RX

The driver is compatible with all OS and native in linux.


Download the driver

Drivers Installation Guide for WindowsXP

Mac OS X Installation Guide

  Size: 43mm X 17mm

Delivered assembled and tested in anti-static packaging.

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