X-010V Addon

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Allow to generate adjustable voltage tension between 0 and 10V.


X-010V Addon

The X-010V addon allows to generate a variable voltage between 0V and 10V, thus allowing the piloting of 3-way valves or lighting dimmers for example.

Up to x X-010V addons can be connected to an IPX800 V4 or V5, each with 4 controllable outputs, for a total of 16 0/10V channels.

The X-010V addon can operate in stand-alone mode thanks to its 4 push-button inputs (on / off / dimming).

Technical Features:

  • 12V continuous power supply (not supplied).
  • Consumption: from 100mW to 900mW.
  • 4 0-10V outputs (for connecting 0-10V peripherals).
  • 1 EBX output compatible with IPX800 V4.
  • 4 push button inputs (digital inputs).
  • Maximum current per output: 15mA..
  • 4 0/10V dimmable outputs.
  • Dimensions: 90.5 x 53.5 x 65.5 mm (3 DIN slots)

2 years warranty

Made in France

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