IPX800 V4 - Extension 24 Entrées - X-24D

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Extension X - 24D for IPX800 V4. Add 24 digital inputs to your IPX800 V4.

X - 24D Extension for IPX800 V4


The extension X - 24D allows to add 24 digital inputs on a IPX800 V4..

Ideal for achieving an alarm system , add switches, push buttons etc ...

Easy to install:

  1. Power  the X24D with 12 V dc
  2. Connect the 2 wire EBX bus from the IPX800 V4 to the X-24D
  3.  Enter the unique identifier number of the X-24D in IPX800 v4 .   
  4.  The X-24D is automatically recognized and operational .


The X - 24D can be use until 300M with the native EBX bus.


  • 24 Digital inputs (switched to ground)
  • Consumption: 0.3W.
  • Long range bus over  3
  • Long range Bus over
  • Long range bus (over 30 meters)
  • Manufactured in France
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