IPX800 V4 - Extension XPWM

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The X-PWM addon allows to integrate 12 PWM channels in PWM. It's possible to associate up to 2 X-PWM to an IPX800 V4 and then control up to 24 channels. The X-PWM addon has been designed for driving LED ribbons.


X-PWM addon for IPX800 V4

TheX-PWM addon is a stand-alone device. Its functionalities are reduced when it's not connected to an IPX800 V4 but it's still possible to control the 12 channels manually in two modes.

Reliability of a wire system.

Technical features:

  • Addon port (Fieldbus, one pair + and - (category 6 network cable recommanded - not included)
  • Control of 12 channels in PWM from 5 to 24V, 2A max per channel within a 10A limit for all channels
  • Power indicator
  • 2 manual operating modes allowing 0 - 100% or progressive control of the selected channel (possibility of controlling 12 channels simultaneously)
  • Percentage control of each channel (via the IPX800 V4)
  • Feedback of current percentage
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • Termal protection with automatic restart
  • Overvoltage protectionIP20
  • Dimension : 106x90x63
  • Weight : 175g
  • Continuous power supply (not included)
  • No-load consumption: 0.04W

2 years warranty

Made in France

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