IPX800 V4 Ethernet Controller

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Standalone web relay controller. Control anything from internet with your smartphone, laptop...

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IPXV4 Ethernet Controller

Works without subscription or external paid service

Control anything you want from the internet

Heating, watering, roller shutter, rgbw lamps, automatic gates...

Directly accessible from your smartphone, tablet, Ipad, android...

Easy to use, th IPX800 V4 is ideal for building reliable home automation or automation installations.

No need to learn any programming language.

The IPX800 V4 can be programmed directly by dragging/dropping by simply associating input/output blocks.

Its dynamic graphical interface is fully customizable. It allows you to centralize and control your IP devices and then create real dashboards.

Ultra versatile, its many functions and its GX scenario engine allow it to be effective in many areas, in particular for the remote control of electrical devices, architectural lighting, automation, alert management, technical alarm, network monitoring, intrusion...

A complete and open API makes it possible to interface the IPX800 V4 with most IP PLCs, servers and home automation boxes.

Several interfaces already available allow you to extend its functions:

- X-DMX addon to control DMX512 devices.

- X-ENO addon to use ENOCEAN wireless / battery-less technology.

- X8R addon (8 relay outputs, toggle switch or switch mode)

- X-24D addon (24 digital inputs all or nothing)

In summary:

  • 8 digital inputs all or nothing (dry contact) expandable to 56.
  • 8 relay outputs on 270V / 10A contact (2No and 6 inv) expandable to 56.
  • 4 10-bit analog inputs.
  • 128 inputs + 128 outupts (freely configurable). Virtual IO mode ©.
  • 32 16-bit virtual analog inputs. Virtual IO mode ©.
  • 32 Ping Watchdog (detection of network devices by ICMP PING).
  • 32 Enocean peripherals (requires the X-ENO addon).
  • 16 incremental / decremental and not configurable pulse counters.
  • 255 scenes on 512 DMX channels (requires X-DMX addon).
  • 255 programmable clocks to trigger  single actions or every second, minute, hour, day, month.
  • Secure GET and POST notifications: push encryption in TLS (HTTPS).
  • Sending secure emails to 1 to 4 different users.
  • Dyn-Dns support.
  • Time setting by NTP server and/or internal clock with backup in the event of a network or power cut.
  • Time zone management and summer/winter time change.
  • GX © scenario engines: combinatorial logic AND/OR/NOT
  • 8 responsive dashboards customizable by widgets.
  • Javascript editor to customize and create your own widgets.
  • Configurable JSON and XML data sources.
  • Control of Mi-Light RGBW LED lamps (compatibility guaranteed only with M-Light products sold on our website).

Technical features:

  • Power supply: 12V continuous (power supply sold separately)
  • Consumption: 0.9W (3.5W with the 8 relays activated)
  • Network: 10/100Mbits, HP Auto-MDIX, cable diagnostics, Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az)
  • IPX-OS4 operating system with Webserver. Save in flash memory (no SD card)
  • Operating temperature: 14°F to 140°F @ humidity 50%
  • Protection class IP20
  • Box for rail din mounting (provide 9 locations)

2 years warranty

Made in France

X-Devices, Virtual IO, GX are GCE Electronics trademarks

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