IPX800 V4 - Extension 24 Entrées - X-24D

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Extension X - 24D for IPX800 V4 & V5. Add 24 digital inputs to the IPX800.


X - 24D Extension for IPX800 V4 & V5


The X-24U extension allows you to add 24 on/off optocoupled inputs (dry contact) to an IPX800 V4 or V5. The 24 inputs support a voltage between 0 and 40v DC. With an industrial isolation of 5kv you will be able to use the voltage signals of different devices without risk of conflict. With these 24 inputs, you can create easily an alarm system, add switches, push buttons, monitoring voltage source  etc...

Easy to install:

  1. Power  the X24D with 12V dc
  2. Connect the 2 wire EBX bus from the IPX800 to the X-24D addon
  3.  Enter the unique X-24D's identifier number in IPX800   
  4.  The X-24D addon is automatically recognized and operational


The X - 24D addon can be use until 300M with the native EBX bus.

Only 6 occupations in your electrical panel

Technical features:

  • 24 Optocoupled inputs 
  • Consumption: 0.3W
  • Communication on 2-wire EBX bus (300m) or with powered ebx bus (IPX800 V5)

2 years warranty

This product is made in France

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