Ecran tactile multifonctions X-Display 2

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MQTT Wifi Connected X-Display 2 thermostat


X-Display 2 multifunction touch screen (shipping from September 18)

Easily housed in place of a switch, the X-DISPLAY 2 is a connected thermostat and a multifunction control screen, for IPX800 V4, IPX800 V5.

It's also natively compatible with all systems supporting the MQTT protocol such as Jeedom or Home assistant. It's self-contained and doesn't depend on the cloud to function.

It has a 4-inch capacitive touch screen allowing you to control all the elements connected to the IPX800 system or the equipment connected to a home automation system.

It incorporates a temperature sensor which allows operation in thermostat mode.

Thanks to the many different types of screens availbale, the X-Display 2 is able to manage roller shutters, room temperature, control lights and control a large number of devices.

The X-Display 2 makes it very easy to centralize complete control of a house or room in a single point.

2 years warranty

Made in France

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