Extension X400 Analog pour IPX800 V3

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X440 addon. Add 4 additional analog inputs to your IPX800 *


X400 Analog addon for IPX800*


  1. Connect the X400 analog addon to the IPX800 bus or to the X8R addon
  2. Choose the channel by pressing the SEL button
  3. Release the SEL button. Your X400 Analog is configured

Technical features:

  • Add 4 analog inputs to your IPX800
  • Max 3 x X400 analog (12 additional analog inputs)
  • 0 / 3.3V inputs compatible with GCE Electronics sensors
  • Channel selection and LED display on the front panel
  • 1 bus input and 1 bus output
  • Simple installation, self-powered by IPX800 bus
  • Can be conbined with X8R addons

Firmware 3.05.42 is required for X400 to be detected.

* To communicate with an IPX800 V4, an X-Bridge in necessary

2 years warranty

Made in France

X400 Analog
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