Enocean repeater

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Extend your wireless network for a better reception of your actuators and captors signals.


Radio signal repeater with 1 and 2 levels. Only 0,8 Watts lost.

Suitable for flush mounting.

Specifications :
- Length: 45mm
Width: 55mm
- D
epth: 33mm.

- Working temperature: From -20°C to +50°C
- Relativ humidity : Anual average < 75%
- Power supply : 230V

This repeater is needed only when construction conditions prevent reception without perturbation, or when distance between actuator and receiver is too far.

 The standard setting is the level 1 mode. The signals from the radio transmitters are received, controlled and send at full power. Signals from other repeaters are ignored to reduce the amount of data.

Switching to level 2 can be done by turning the knob with a screwdriver to the left until reaching the "Level 2" position. Now signals from other repeaters in level 1 mode are processed in addition to signals from the radio transmitters. Thus, a signal can be received and amplified twice maximum.

Radio repeaters require no programming. It receive and amplify the signals of all radio transmitters in their receiving area.


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