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This built-in module can be controlled via an IPX800 V4 associated with an X-ENO or directly via other Enocean devices (switches, opening or presence detectors, etc.)

It allows the management of a shutter.


Mounted behind your existing wired roller shutter switch (needs neutral) or in the shutter box, the built-in Ubiwizz micromodule makes your installation easy to connect and smart.

Inputs allow you to connect any wired switch of your choice or existing.

2 inputs :
With 2 inputs, the Ubiwizz module allows the connection of an existing wired switch for manual control of the shutter.

Calibration :
To allow the module to know the running lenght of the shutter, press the "press" button 5 times, the shutter gos up, down an up again.

Entry and exit of learning mode :
Press the "Press" button 3 times. The LED flickers red. The module is in learning mode. To exit learn,ing mode, press "Press" button again.

Pairing with the IPX800 and X-ENO :
Press the "Press" button whan you are on the Enocean add devices page, you will see the desired device, click save.
You must now switch the module to learning mode.
Once on learning mode, click on "Pair" in the settings of the previously added module. The LED of the module must then stop flickering red.

Factory Reset :
Press the "Press" button until the LED turns Orange. Then release the button. While the LED is flickering in Orange, press the "Press" button again. The Reset is realized.

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